Bulul Brewery is a small, independent brewery that started in 2017. Combining art and taste, Bulul Brewery is constantly innovating and brewing the best craft beer to satisfy every Filipino’s palate.


Pilsner Lager

5% ABV

A clean, crisp beer, refreshing and well balanced offering a smooth and easy drinking experience.


Trigo Wheat Beer

5% ABV

Brewed coriander seeds and orange peel.


Vanilla Oatmeal Stout

6% ABV

Brewed oats and lactose offering a delicate sweetness, aged with vanilla beans from Madagascar.


Extano IPA

6.5% ABV

A well-balanced IPA made with Superdelic hops from New Zealand and Simcoe Cryo hops from the US makes for a perfect blend of citrusy and pineapple aroma and flavor, holding long on the palate.


Milkshake IPA

8.5% ABV

An intense mix of distinctive pineapple, passion fruit and stone fruit citrus from the Nectaron hops, with Citra, Mosiac and lactose added. A seasonal brew, this is a delightful Milkshake IPA.

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From Pilsners and Dark Lagers, to Pale Ales and IPAs, to Porters and Stouts, or speciality beers with additional spices, fruits and a felicitous combination of flavors, choose your kegs of craft beers from a selection of local microbreweries, delivered cold to your bar or restaurant.