Brewed locally and crafted with love, Boondocks Brewing Co are passionate about their beer. Boondocks Brewing Co launched their first beer, Beer No 1, now called “Wheat Ale” in 2016 and have introduced additional styles ever since in response to the ever changing Filipino palette and appreciation for craft beer.


Summer Ale

5.2% ABV

Asia Beer Championship Chaiman’s Selection 2021 Awardee for Golden Ale category.  Summer Ale is crisp, clean, and flavorful. A great companion for a hot day or anytime you want to just chill.


Session Ale

5.4% ABV

An easy drinking pale ale full of flavor. Perfect for kicking back with friends


Wheat Ale

5.4% ABV

Naturally cloudy and full bodied wheat ale with a crisp and refreshing citrus finish.


Strong Ale

8.5% ABV

2022 World Beer Award Silver winner and 2021 Asia Beer Championship Bronze winner, Boondocks Brewing’s Strong Ale has a robust malty body with subtle fruity undercurrents and a slightly dry finish. Only for the bold.

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