A limited-batch brewery, Crows Craft Brewing Co. intentionally limits their batches to control brew excellence with no compromise, using only fresh yeast, hops, barley and water to provide consumers with high-quality craft beer. Crows hard seltzer from dalandan citrus is a refreshing cocktail with a fizz and a hard punch.


Crows Pale Ale

6% ABV

This is the showcase Pale Ale by Crows. Hoppiness in this craft is primarily shown through the citrus and pine-like aromas. This pale golden amber colored craft is a great entry-level beer. You need not worry about extreme bitterness. Crows Pale Ale is a single-malt Ale that comes through with a light crisp mouthfeel. It packs a punch leaving you wanting for more!


Mala Hierba

7% ABV

Mala Hierba or ‘Bad Weed’ in Spanish is an IPA by Crows. As the younger brother to De Puta Madre, Mala Hierba is a play between bittering and aroma hop variants cascading through the brew like ‘bad weed’ that never dies ergo; MALA HIERBA, NUNCA MUERE!


¡De Puta Madre!

8% ABV

¡De Puta Madre! is Crows’ flagship craft brew. Pulling-out all the stops, this Double IPA is extremely hoppified in both taste and aroma. As shown in its IBU exceeding 100 an with an ABV of 8%, it is brewed by a HopHead, for Hopheads.



8.5% ABV

This is a first craft hard seltzer from Crows for those looking for a refreshing taste of their very own dalandan citrus served in carbonated form at a whopping 9% alcohol. You get a very refreshing drinkable cocktail with a fizz and a hard punch!

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